IEC's Engineering Department

Industrial Engineering Company's Engineers have designed and implemented hundreds of specialized applications to increase productivity for a wide variety manufacturing fields. In order to accomplish this task, our engineers have many tools and resources readily available to assist them.

Computer Infrastructure

IEC's engineers use IBM PC based workstations utilizing modern engineering software, such as Anvil 5000, Anvil Express, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Working Model, MathCad, Edgecam and other specialized software.

Our engineers also have access to various commodity software suites such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visual Studio, various calculation packages, etc.

Reference Material

Industrial Engineering Company has a vast library of both printed and digital material to assist our engineers in any way. This material includes engineering handbooks and manufacturer's catalogs, as well as a high speed connection to the World Wide Web.

Measuring Equipment

Industrial Engineering Company has a vast amount of measuring equipment to assist our engineers, including a Computer Measuring Machine (CMM).

The CMM Machine allows our engineers to get extremely precise measurements on existing parts, or newly constructed parts to ensure an exact fit into a developing project, or to reverse engineer existing parts into a newly developing project.

CMM Machine

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